Saturday, October 24, 2009

Berries and Random Acts of Kindness

So, you might be wondering.
What do wild berries
and random acts of kindness
have to do with one another?
Absoutely nothing!
Except... they're together today.
I know of a
recent act of kindness.
A poor old lady soul
was selling newspapers
on a street corner
in the dark.
in the rain.
A certain someone
who never buys
the newspaper
bought her newspaper.
Her 50 cent newspaper.
Gave her ten bucks.
Said "keep the change".
A random act.
Of kindness.
Have one to share?


  1. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for signing up for the Christmas ornament swap, could you please email your email address before Monday

  2. A 1st grader lost his lunch ticket and was not allowed to get a hot lunch.
    I gave him the money for a lunch because I think it's the only hot meal he gets.

    He just looked at me and gave me a hug in exchange. =)