Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Friday!

Lots of snow
headed our way,
get tucked in,
and bake a cake,
'cuz today...
is this kid's Birthday!
She's Elly.
A beach girl.
Mother extraordinaire.
She loves olives.
Extra olives in her
Bloody Mary.
And plain cheescake.
No cherries and no lemon.
She digs clams. Grilled.
And her four punks.
And her Pup.
She's a Mom taking good care
of her Mom.
She's had to be
kinda strong.
And she was. And she is.
She doesn't stand still
for very long.
So a quick Happy Birthday, El.
Love and hugs.
Peace and happiness.
Clams and cheescake your way!! xo

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