Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

So we made it to Sandy Hook!
A beautiful but chilly morning greeted 14 motorcycles as we headed South from Warren County. It was a fun ride down, but the magic of the day really began when we crossed over the bridge into Sandy Hook.
The vista was magnificent! It made me feel like I was in Monterey California! Really! The view startled me. There's something about life on a bike. Everything becomes so real and in your face. The slow descent from the bridge into the park was so beautiful. The ocean was choppy. The sea spray was exhilarating. There were fishermen, kites, windsurfers, and kite surfers. And bikers and runners and walkers and bikers. This was our "South" destination point for a badge we earned in our club. The North point was High Point State Park, West point was Split Rock in Pennsylvania, and  the East point was Turtleback Zoo in West Orange. We experienced insane wind, traffic, beautiful sunsets, bikers full of road  camaraderie, tractor trailer trucks, race cars, barking dogs, stares and lots of thumbs up! We stopped in Atlantic Highlands for lunch at a beautiful ocean front restaurant, in a beautiful little seaside town, and if I ever win the lottery....that's where you'll find me! It's back to the grind Monday, and I look forward to the 2012 patch...where will it take us?

Ride your own!
With love and hugs.

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