Monday, January 16, 2012

Social Networking

We never know what life has in store for us.
I know that sometimes it appears that some people are happier,
healthier, and sometimes, just plain luckier than me. Life has given me a smorgasborg of experiences. Some happier than others. Today was one of the happier ones so many years ago. It was when my first nephew was born. It was January 16th, but it was a Sunday. And, it was Super Bowl Sunday! I was away at college, and a telegram arrived announcing his birth. Except, Western Union got it wrong. It read "Janie" has arrived. It was supposed to read.."Jamie" has arrived. I remember feeling sad and homesick that I wasn't able to join in the festivities and celebration. A new baby boy! Miami to NJ was way too far for a visit. My only connection back home was an occasional letter from my Mom, or a collect phone call on a Sunday evening. How times have changed. Today, that little baby boy is all grown up! He calls Las Vegas his home, and he has his own baby girl. Actually, 2 girls! Consequences kept us distant and apart for so long. Facebook and a woman  changed all of that! I am so very grateful! A very special Happy Birthday, James! May your dreams come true!

With love and hugs.

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