Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Sounds of Silence

Super Bowl Sundays have always given me some sort of insight.
I love the camaraderie and the competition, not to mention the super ads.
And winning those bets against my Brother!
For years we've celebrated with friends.
Cheers and beers.
Last year a friend told me about this spot.
We've lived in Hardwick for a long time, and I never knew about it.
This past Sunday I remembered.
So as we headed out for a walk, I suggested we explore the trail on the other side of town.
 And what a surprise!
We came to a fork in the trail and  we headed North.
These ruins awaited us.
A magnificent tale of old times here in the hills of far West  NJ.
At first, I wondered...What the heck was it?
A village?
 Some sort of stone quarry?
Walls and walls of perfectly constructed stone.
Eyebrow entrances created from ancient brick. Barn beams corroded by time.
Structures that stand hollow with only the view of a perfect blue sky.
And days gone by.
Stone cold silence.
A friend has told me it once was an old ice house.
Boy, would it ever make a grand brew pub!
We could all celebrate the Giants!
Cheers and beers!

Happy Tuesday!
Love and Hugs.

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