Thursday, March 8, 2012

For the Girls, Everywhere

I did not know about International Women's Day. Google has a way of informing me in of  important dates that would otherwise go unrecognized. March 8th is one of them. Today recognizes the power and beauty and dignity of women, worldwide.
According to the LA Times, in Pakistan women are demanding the right to know the whereabouts of their missing loved ones.
In Venezuela, there occurred a march on the government over women's frustrations on surging homicide rates and a stagnant economy. In Turkey, women are protesting domestic violence. In Sudan, today is a day of freedom for 4,000 prisoners, hundreds of them women and children. In Peru, feminist groups are calling on their president to ensure the recognition of respect for women. In Egypt, women are demanding their voice to be included in a new constitution.
And, here in the USA, not today, but last week the United Nations fund for gender equality announced grants in the amount of $10.5 million dollars to be distributed for the empowerment of women globally.

To the women and the girls...those of my close family, my close friends, my acquaintances, and to total strangers as well...Recognize your own beauty and recognize your own voice. Breathe Love.

And don't forget to enjoy the full "worm" moon tonight wherever you are!
Soon the Robins will be singing.

Happy You!
With love and hugs.

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