Sunday, November 11, 2012

All Is Calm

Good ridden, Sandy.
Who would have ever thought that the Jersey shore as we know it would be demolished?
The homes and businesses have stood strong forever.
 Many of my best childhood memories are of the great times in Seaside Park and Deauville Beach.
Mantoloking was our route home.
Not any more.
But luckily, we are all safe and sound.
Back in business, so to speak.
Our lights are working and we are warm.
I rode with a group of bikers today.
It was a ride to honor two local young men,
whose lives were tragically taken way too early.
Part of our route was through "Sandy" ravaged Sussex County.
Many homes are still in the dark.
My heart is heavy for the families with small children,
and the elderly.
So, In retrospect, we had it easy.
My high note of the week was a visit with the newlyweds
in New Hope, PA. Thanks, Steph, for getting married!
Now, it's back to work,
back to the old normal.
I hope the storm left you with a good memory
or a new friendship,
and may the future bring you bright beginnings.
With love and hugs.

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