Monday, December 31, 2012

Ring Out the Old

So, 2012 comes to a close.
Thanks for stopping by this little blog of mine.
I look forward to continuing my story,
my love of flowers, words, and photography.
The past year was kind to me.
I enjoyed the commitment of love between my
daughter and her new husband.
I enjoyed the many accomplishments of my dedicated son.
I enjoyed unconditional Love from my husband.
I marveled at the strength of my Mom.
And the year was sad also.
I lost my Mother In Law.
Friends lost loved ones.
Hurricane sandy destroyed the shore.
Guns killed lots of innocence.
But I close my end of the year post
on a high note.
I am full of gratitude for my life.
I look forward to 2013 full of excitement and possibility.
New knowledge, new ideas, new opportunity.
And my new boots!
Thanks for the Love.
Blessings to all.

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