Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Deer

As long as we've lived in Warren County the deer have
been plentiful.
We've had more than our share of "run-ins" with them,
We've marveled at their natural beauty.
Their coats and colors change with the seasons.
They sneak up quietly in the early morning
as the sun breaks through,
and then again in the early evening.
Lately though, I've been noticing their social behavior.
I think these photos show their tender communications
with each other.
They stomp their feet, they grind their food,
they trample each other's backs, they sniff each other,
they share common bedding,
they dig through the snow,
and it looks as though they know how to talk
to each other
without saying a word.
They continue to amaze me.
I'm happy they come around and peek into our front door,
and then around to our rear deck,
with a peak into our home.
Their ears perk up and their eyes shine bright.

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