Monday, January 6, 2014

A Sweet New Year

We spent our New Year's Eve in Sugarloaf, Maine.
Bone-chilling winds, frozen toes, and rosy cheeks.
There was live music, delicious food,
cheers, and beers!
There was beautiful light on the mountain,
and smiling faces in every room.
Champagne, and Rum cha-da.
Lagunitas and Celebration.
Balloons and a crown.
A reindeer!
Tiff and Matt.
Tim, Zack, and Ev.
Casey and Bailey.
Fresh snow blanketed the trails and slopes.
We were enveloped in a snowstorm of Love.
Everyone is back home safely,
embracing the memories
of January at the Loaf.
Thank you again, Kim and Tom.

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