Wednesday, February 19, 2014


" I have moments when I am frightened,
as one must be,
reading about the the intolerance
and hate
that sucks men down in a 
swampy muck.
There are plenty of things to sicken the heart,
and it is only realistic to face them.
But then I count the other people,
the friendly folk, 
and I am comforted,
and I have hope.
When I watch the June dusk
and see the sky glow with the color of moonstone,
and hear a wagon creaking down the shadowy road,
I know how beautiful the earth is.
Someday the sky will be quiet all over the earth,
and the sound of folk going home for supper
will replace the roar of guns."....
~Gladys Tabor

....and soon it will be June.

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