Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Two Twenty-Thirds

 I have thousands of photos.
Not even one
 my Mom and my Husband together.
Today I celebrate them!
The Birthday kids.
The "two twenty-thirds".
So, to both of you:
For your unconditional Love, thank you.
For your strength, I admire you.
For your courage, I respect you.
For your efforts and steadfastness,
I appreciate you.
For the fun that you bring to my life,
I am forever grateful.
For all of  the laughs, you should be on TV!
 I laugh every single day!
For everyone that is blessed to know you,
and to Love you,
I am certain they see your beauty.
Your kindness.
Your gentle & funny ways.
Your Love.
Your stubbornness!!
Happy Birthday, Mom and
Happy Birthday, Wes.
"May you stay
forever young."
You will always be 25 years apart.
No matter what!!
With all of my Love,
For all of my life.
Happy Birthday!


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