Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time and Love

I don't know about you,
but I am feeling the whoosh of days flying by; it seems like yesterday was Memorial Day and with the fervent winds of time we have Labor Day just minutes away. Then it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and before you know it, year's end. Another 12 months about to be over.
The next twelve months ahead are going to present a whole new experience for me, and my family. Because...We're planning a wedding!
I wake up excited and happy. Then; I'm scared.
My little 'rolling stone'....(I need to give her a new name today)...something more feminine and lovely and appropriate, I think I'll call her "Diamond Girl" dreaming and planning and dreaming some more of her and Matthew's special day.
Together they are as busy as little beavers scouting locations, meeting with planners, creating budgets, imagining menus, and flowers and people, and colors and the oh so many logisitics.
So, today I am dedicating my Petals and Boots to Tiffany and Matthew. Your countdown officially begins!
Your love for each other has proved itself, your commitment to each other is documented, and your dream of sharing your love with the world is just 365 days away!
May your days be exciting, your manners be cool, your fears be few, your respect for each other paramount, and, I hope your love for each other continues to grow as the days roll into nights, the weeks into months and the dreams into reality.
Congratulations once more!

With love and hugs and dreams come true...

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