Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Journey

Sometimes it's about
blind curves.
Gravel roads.
Bet yet, on either side
of that annoyance
there is
beauty from a voice
that beckons:
"Come...have a taste.
Follow my direction.
I dare you."

To those of you that have dared
through the blind curves and the potholes;
You've been down hard roads. Dirt roads. Dusty trails.
You've known frustration and fear.
You've walked scared. You've cried yourself to sleep.
But you kept walking.
And now,
It's time to
Walk and taste your new world!
Spit out the hate and bitterness.
Embrace only Goodness and Truth.
Make good Change.
And more than anything,
Profess Love.

Congratulations ..
Your Journey is waiting.

With all of my love and hugs,

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