Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've been blessed.
Over the past 24 years of my Real Estate career, I have met so many wonderful people. I get up close and personal, after all, it is their homes that I am involved with. I hear so many wonderful stories of children and husbands and in-laws and pets and secrets.
I'd like to share one secret with you.
I have a lady client who is Ninety years old.
She is bright, and witty, sophisticated, she's a naturalist, a hunter, and a pilot. Like airplane pilot! She's won all kinds of Bridge awards with her card skills. She lives alone on a beautiful secluded 90+ acre estate. She drives all over the tri-state area just to play Bridge.
She's a Mother of 4 adult children....a few rather local, and one as far away as Peru.
She is always dressed to the nines. Even just relaxing in her own living room. Listening to the birds. Her skin is beautiful; her eyes sparkle. Her heart is wide open, and, her smile radiates contentment.
So yesterday, as we were wrapping up our little visit together, and I was secretly admiring her grace and beauty... I just had to ask her... 'So, Emily', "What is your secret?"...She is very soft spoken, and after a brief moment I thought she whispered.."Tranquility". Oh, Okay I thought. That sort of makes sense. Tranquility. I repeated...."Tranquility"?? "Oh, no, no, no she's WHISKEY"!!
What a Pip!

With love and hugs and Cheers!

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