Monday, June 13, 2011

I Love My Harley

I belong to a club.
Ladies only.
Motorcycle club.
Dangerous Curvz, that's us.
Yesterday we all took off
and attended the
Motorcycle Safety Club's
Experienced Rider's Class
at the County College of Morris.
It was an all day safety exercise
in stability, swerving, stopping,
acceleration, curving, weaving,
swerving, stopping, acceleration
and stability.
Over and over and over.
It was exhausting. And invigorating.
We all rode our own bikes in the class.
Unlike the beginner's class where they supply
the bikes. If you want to call them that.
Suzuki 250. No Harley's!
Luckily, the rain held off,
I guess that's because
we were all prepared for thunderstorms!
The morning ride down Route 80 was misty,
a bit foggy, but relatively quiet.
Except for the roar of the Dangerous Curvz!

Happy Monday!
Got Bike?

With love and hugs.

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