Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Long, Dark Night...

Or should it read..
"Zen and the Art of Driving
Into a Tornado"...
Or; "The Night the Whole Town
Turned Black"?

My commute home is rather short.
15 minutes tops.
Rather uneventful on most days.
Unless I happen upon a bear.
Or a random Poppy.
Or a rainbow adorning a beautiful sky.
Or a magnificent sunset.

But yesterday, all hell broke loose.
I drove into a tornado.
Just as she touched down.
With phenomenal fury.
I have to say, it was the scariest drive of my life.

I have never seen such wind.
Or torrential rain.
I was blinded by a wall of water.
Blowing trees, flying garbage cans,
dismembered limbs, huge limbs, wires snapping in every direction.
And fire.

And then...a total blackout. And an eerie sense of quiet and calm.

The stregnth of the storm stopped me in my tracks.
I prayed that I would make it home safely.
And once again I was reminded that my life
can change in one split second.
And there are situations completely
out of our control.

And today is a new day.
It's ours to enjoy!

So, here's to poppies and rainbows
and safe arrivals...
to everyone!
With my love and hugs.

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