Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Holiday, So To Speak

On my kitchen wall
is a calendar.
I love my calendar.
It's a Susan Branch design.
She's artistic, whimsical,
thoughtful, most clever,
and considerate of all living things.
She posts cute artwork,
recipes, random thoughts, and poems.
She introduced me to the Moon Months.
She has a cute little home site on Martha's Vineyard,
where she writes, dreams, and explores.
And a home in California.
On the calendar today, she declares July 11th
as "National Cheer-Up the Lonely day"!
How sweet is that?
So, if you're lonely...cheer up!
And if you get a chance, check out Susan Branch!

She knows nothing about me, I just want to share her with you!
Her website has singing birds!
Here's to the Lonely Hearts Club!
With love and hugs.

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