Saturday, July 16, 2011

This and That on a Saturday

What a summer!
Seems like every day just flies by at lightning speed.
There are so many little things I'd like to get caught up with.
My cookbooks are a little dusty.
My craft counter, while full of ideas, well it sits waiting for me.
Books I'd like to read....not started.
Rides I'd like to take....not yet.
Flowers I'd like to paint...a blank canvas.
Flowers I'd like to plant...sold out!
Windows to wash..never gonna happen!
When I stop and think of ..well, why not?
I think it's that ipad.

Then there's the Thunder Moon.
And Jersey corn and tomatoes.
The story of the picket line in Peapack.
The night job in Jersey City.
The farmer's market downtown. The debrt crisis.
The card shop. Yes, Etsy's on my list too.
I think it's that ipad.

And juicy, jumbo delicious Bing cherries.
So, I snuck in a Cherry Clafoutis!
And a few new photos.
And a couple of poems.
And laundry. And words. And email.
And new to me...Stumbleupon.
And that was this morning.
Yup, it's definitely the ipad.

So, I hope you too have an ipad!
And one fabulous weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!
With love and hugs.


  1. Awww, such a cute post! Glad I found you over here, thanks for stoping by my place and leaving a comment for me. You sound like such a fun person! ~Lili

  2. Hello exactly,life go quicklly, and much to do to dream, to learn, not enough time for only a live, I love your post, Friendly from Belgium