Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zen And The Art Of Your Daughter Taking The Bar Exam

Ya' know, it's funny.
From a Mother's perspective,
little girls grow up so fast.
At the blink of an eye, they go from tiny and cuddly
to independent and productive.
On their own.
As I think back on the early days and education
there were so many milestones. Pre-school. Sweet little Merry Mushroom.
Then grade school. Cute lunch boxes and pencil cases.
And a teacher we'll never forget.
And a graduation speech.
Then it was Middle School..and her first real dance.
Before I knew it..High School. Work hard. Play harder.
College...Work really hard, play even harder.
Then ...came Law School.
Excitement and challenge. Wrapped into one.
Before I knew it, it was Graduation Day.
A stellar moment in my life.
I'm so lucky to have my daughter.
I often wonder: "How'd I get her?"
And so today, it's yet another milestone.
It's the infamous Bar Exam.
A new journey. In a new city. A new beat.
To all of the takers, everywhere...Best Luck. Fear not.
And to my little 'rolling stone'...
"This too shall pass, and so will you"!

With love and hugs.
And a tear!

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