Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Sweet the Sound...

...was this kid's voice!
Her beautiful Scottish brogue
Her soft blue eyes
Her loving touch
She baked a luscious shortbread
And, she loved to knit and sew
And sip tea in the afternoon
And today we celebrate her Birthday!
She's Nanny.
My Dad's Mom.
She sang at my wedding,
but she never held my youngest.
She loved the piano,
and sang her little heart out!
She was the queen of solitaire.
Her hands were always busy.
And she hugged you oh so tight.
She was soft spoken
with a loud love message.
Throughout her 99 years
she kindled the heart of
everyone she met.
Her best friend was Jessie Goldie.
So, today we celebrate you, Nanny..
You've long passed to heaven,
but you've never left my heart.
You are Amazing Grace.
With much love,
Lin xo
Happy Birthday!

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