Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reflecting the Good Life...

I had a seisure yesterday morning.
My first.
I hope my last.
So, I've been thinkin'.
I'm lookin' back.
I came to this place
a long time ago.
Sixteen years
to be exact.
I was a newbie.
I'm 100% mutt.
I'm Melody.
It's been a pretty good ride.
Most of the time.
Except.... when I got hit by a car.
Sprayed by skunks.
Lost in the forest.
Shot by a porcupine.
Never was able to catch those
darn bears.
Holy cow, I tried.
Scared the living daylights out o' the folks!
I clipped a few squirrels though.
Many chipmunks too!
I miss my friend Samantha.
And Max.
I miss those awesome soccer games.
I always played defense.
Except when I dribbled!
I miss running.
All those miles.
I can remember the feeling.... "YES"!!!!
the leash!!...
...They're taking ME!!
Yeah, I'm old now.
really old.
I'm tired.
But I'm OK,
I'm just holdin' on.
Just holdin' on.
Keepin' an eye
on my land.

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