Monday, November 23, 2009

Take A Look..

So, take a look if you will.
In the right hand corner
of this photo
you'll see a little lady
hanging from an ornament hook.
And, if you look really close,
maybe even on a double click,
you'll see some "Scorpio".
So yes, she was a birthday gift to me.
I've had her for a few years.
She's from my little Scorpio girl.
One Scorpio to another.
I still remember opening her!
So, this year this Scorpio
opened a new gift.
An exciting new toy!
Except, for right now,
it's far from a toy.
It's a Nikon...
And it's kinda scary.
And this is the very first picture
that I took,
raw from the camera.
No practice, no edit.
Camera right out of the box!
From me to you.
I hope you like it.
If only I could stop smiling,
and forget about staring at this one,
(remembering that very first camera moment)
They're might be more to come!

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