Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthday Girl

So, to earn her living
this kid heals hearts.
And when she sings,
she steals hearts!
And, she stole
my brother's heart.
long time ago. In college.
And, today is this kid's
She's Kim.
She's a lefty.
Who likes to laugh
and sing
and sip tea in the afternoon
and knit pretty things
She's a pianist and
a baker.
Did I say she sings?
And, She sews
Halloween costumes.
She digs black sweaters
with blue jeans.
And Yoga
and a new Latin dance form!
And she sends nice cards
and they arrive on time.
And she digs buttery leather
and sterling silver.
And her 3 youngin's.
And her porch.
And her deck.
And perfect weather
In Summer.
So today as we celebrate you,
Hope you can
Kick back, relax and enjoy
your day..
before you polish up
those skis
and head for the slopes!
I hope
your '09 Birthday
is your finest yet!
Love and Hugs,
Missin' you...
Lin & Co. xo

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