Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sugar 'n Spice

She's everything nice!
And today...
is this kid's Birthday!
She's Casey. Star Boop.
Mother Nature.
She's my niece, way up North.
She's so darn adorable.
And, she digs horses.
And she wins ribbons.
Lots of ribbons.
Tons of ribbons.
She's the college dressage champ.
Captain Casey.
And she digs cowboy boots,
And snowboards,
And surfboards,
And Starbucks and Ships.
She's an artist, and
She's an athlete.
She runs marathons.
And she has a voice
that will rise above the mountains
And a sense of humor
that will brighten
your darkest day.
And she drives a cool car
with a beautiful smile!
So today we celebrate you, Case...
Happy Birthday!
With Love and hugs,
From your Jersey Fan Club xo

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