Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sir James

After the war
this kid met a girl.
At a parade.
A Saint Patty's Day Parade.
They fell in love.
He was James, she Alice.
And today
we celebrate James.
His life led him to
a Firehouse,
and the building trade,
the human service sector,
and he earned his PHD
in love....
For his 4 punks, and
his 8 Grand Punks.
He demanded shirts with pockets
to hold his cigs.
He liked his Silver Bullets.
And Scotch and Water.
And Tierney's.
And ice cream and spaghetti.
(but not together!)
And home made shortbread.
And, his adoring Mother.
And he loved the Green Bay Packers.
And Dunkin's.
And his main squeeze....
Like no man could.
And he had just about
every disease known to man!
But he fought.
And he fought hard.
We lost him way too soon.
1991, at Thanksgiving.
So, as we celebrate the birth of Sir James,
we are reminded of his immeasurable love
for his wife, his children, his grandchildren
and anyone who needed a lending hand.
Thank You, Dad
With my unending love,
Lin xo

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