Monday, December 14, 2009

A Night of Elegance

Saturday Night was the celebration
of Christmas for the notably talented
crew of "Touch of Elegance" florist.
A special lady that we all call
"Linda 2", or sometimes, "Birdie"
outdid herself once more!
From the decor extraordinaire
to the fabulous food and drink,
it was a night we will long remember!
This little sign was a gift
from a special little lady we know as Trish.
She's another Motorcycle Mama, and flower lady!
Thank you, Trish...I love it!
And thank you also to everyone...
to Cara and Amanda,
to Richard,
to Kenny & Co.,
to Erin and Ryan,
and of course, to the
exceedingly talented Lisa and Mike
who's combined visions and talents rock
the world of events with flowers!!
You can find them at:
I love you guys!
Happy Monday!
PS...Annabelle got best dressed!!

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