Monday, November 7, 2011

Back on Track...

...Well, sort of!
You all know by now that we loose power. Alot.
But, we're bright again.
Part of the annoyance of loosing electricity is that every single digital appliance we own goes down. And, then, it's sort of like re-boot.
Re-set. Clocks. Ugh. Just reset all of the clocks, and then, it's the end of daylight savings time. More clocks. The good thing about "fall back" is more sleep time in the morning. My husband gets up very early, so the fall back is a treat to him. Except this morning! I woke him up accusing him of not turning his clock back, but I was the one! I forgot to turn the other little bedroom clock back. Because...I just re-set the darn thing from our power outage! UGH. Small little pest annoyances.
Being woken up way too early! Sorry, Wes!

Happy Monday!
With my love and hugs.

PS...Happy Birthday, Tom!
Bet you didn't mind getting up too early!!

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