Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Saturday...

Last Saturday morning I was playing around with this photo. This is my neighbor's tree. There were electric wires to delete. I painted the sky a bright shade of dangerous and I saved it. My plan was to post it on Mischief Night, with a little caption of "Painting the Town". Well,with an unexpected twist of fate from Mother Nature, instead of me deleting the wires, the wires deleted me! It has been one crazy mess here in Northwestern New Jersey, but today is different. Autumn is back with her blaze of color. In all of her glory.  The snow has melted. The mellow sound of the electric bass once again harmonizes our home, the lights are glowing brightly, it is warm, and all is calm.
I am forever grateful.
For water.
For light.
But mostly,
I am grateful
for Love.

Have a happy weekend!
With love and hugs.

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