Thursday, November 10, 2011

For Anthony

Today just might be a hard one at my office.
You see, it's the Birthday of my friend's son.
Who passed away, ever so quietly in her arms.
After 26 years. She's been talking about today,
and a part of her is pretty scared. It's that hole
in a Mother's heart when sad things happen to a child.
But Lynn is a member of a different kind of club.
It's the I lost my son club. Or, I lost my child club.
Fewer members than the PTA. Or the local Book club.
But the stronger part of Lynn is prepared. Head on.
Like a ship in a storm.
With love, with memories, and balloons.
Anthony was never able to speak words.
He was never able to walk,  nor did he ever play sports.
He was her angel. He entered our lives, whispered Hope, taught Love, and disappeared. Into the heavens. And Lynn moves forward.
With a vibrant self, a new found determination that will bring down walls. She demonstrated a dedication and Love to Anthony like you've never seen.

To you, Lynnie. And  to your little boy.
With my love and hugs.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. You captured Anthony and Lynn so well. And thanks for the photos of the balloons.