Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Started My Shopping!

Some of you may know I took a little motorcycle ride this past weekend. We went with a few friends up to Newburgh, NY to the motorcycle museum. There were photos to be taken for a story to be written. So we hopped on board. It was great fun, very interesting history of bikes from the early 1900's to the 60's right on through to present day. I'm so happy we did. Because with the Chrsitmas holiday approaching, I'm always stumped as to what to get my Mom. She's tough to buy for. She always says she doesn't need anything. She wants simple gifts like love and happiness.But in my heart, I know she'd love a motorcycle! But, her hair do. And, She doesn't like wind in her face. Problem solved! No worries!
Can't you just see "Dolly" sporting around Brick Town, NJ on this!!
No wind, no helmet hair, no worries!

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