Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello, November!

Good Morning, World!
I shot this photograph on Sunday morning a short distance from where we live.
We've been treated to a new round of challenges by Mother Nature. Again.
A fury of a storm flew in Saturday morning, hung around most of the day and night, and on Sunday the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue that one could only imagine. There was an Autumn beauty like we've never seen. The kiss of color beneath a heavy snowfall. Only one problem. We're in the dark once more. The weight of more than a foot of snow has crumbled the land. And my spirits. It's another long journey until we see the light.
But, as Wes and I sipped some leftover coffee in front of the fire early this morning, we both agreed that it's just one more challenge that makes our bond  truly unbreakable.

Here's hoping we have a few milder days and nights.
And, Happy November, my friends!
With my love and hugs.